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Despite our name we don't only offer mortgages, our experienced staff are fully qualified to guide our clients to the insurance policies suited to their circumstances.

A good insurance policy gives you peace of mind and protection against the unexpected. Your policy can either set up level term assurance or decreasing term assurance depending on your circumstances.

Level Term Assurance - fixed premiums for a number of years and a full payout on claim at any point during the term.

Decreasing Term Assurance - Life assurance where the lump sum reduces in line with the outstanding mortgage balance over time.

The Greenock Mortgage Shop can help arrange a comprehensive range of insurance products including:

  • Critical illness insurance
  • Accident, sickness and unemployment insurance
  • Buildings contents insurance

Please click here to our Mortgage and Insurance Proposition brochure. Agreeing to the terms enables us to assist with your mortgage and/or insurance requirements by phone or email